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Searching Backlinks on the Web through these Alternatives

Searching Backlinks on the Web through these Alternatives

Not long ago, Yahoo Site Explorer has decided to close their doors. As what we might have remembered, Yahoo Site Explorer has been the best tool which is used to check the overall backlinks of a particular website as well as to check all of the other sites linking to it. Now that the tool has been gone, most webmasters are faced with one main issue: where and how to find the backlinks of their site. Given that issue, there are indeed several sites and tools which could act as better alternatives in checking and counting the overall number of backlinks as well as the sites pointing or linking to it.

So what do we have in here?

Truth is, there might be alternatives for Yahoo Site Explorer but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still the best and most reliable tool for backlink checking. The issue with these alternatives is that even though they provide some information about backlinks and sites linking to your site, the information’s are still limited and only a fewer number is shown.

Okay, let’s proceed and get going with this topic. What are these alternatives anyway?

My very first suggested alternative is from BackLinkWatch.Com. This is a site used for checking a number of backlinks for free. However, the site itself offers only a few number of backlinks limiting to only about 1000 backlinks. All you have to do is simply enter your site’s URL in the search box provided then hit enter and wait for the whole list to load. In the results, you could see a list of sites linking to the site you searched for, the anchor text used, the OBL (outbound links) or externals links on that backlink giving page, and the attribute (either it be dofollow or nofollow).

Second on the list is LinkDiagnosis.Com which is powered by LinkScape which is owned by SEOMoz.Org. Just like BacklinkWatch, it is also able to extract a number of backlinks for a site plus it has some other metrics which includes mozRank, SEOmoz Page Authority, SEOmoz Domain Authority as well as the anchor text being used. One thing about this alternative is that you could only download this as a tool for the Mozilla FireFox browser. Unluckily, it doesn’t have a version for Chrome users yet.

OpenSiteExplorer.Org is third on our list. This is another site which is owned by SEOmoz.Org. It has the same concept with the other two except that it has far more metrics than both. Metrics could include the total number of inbound links as well as the domains which are linking to that site. Other metrics could include the number of Facebook shares, Tweets and Plus at Google+ which can only be accessed by Pro users. Either way, you could go Pro by paying $99/month. But if you won’t be willing to pay for that one, then you could go and be a member of SEOmoz itself.

Fourth, I would recommend Blekko.Com. Blekko itself is a search engine which also comes with a backlink checking functionality. To check backlinks from a certain website, you simply have to key in “ /inbound” and you will then be generated with a result of all the incoming links or backlinks from your website.

Last but definitely not the least – SEO SpyGlass

The backlink checking tool is included in the package for SEO Powersuite from Link-Assistant.Com. With a free and trial account, you could be able to check the backlinks of your site or even that of your competitors that would boost your ranking on SERPs. However, the free version could only hold up to less than 1000 backlinks and the project can’t be saved as well. It only means that you will have to run another checking once you have closed the previous one. Backlinks are not the only thing that it could monitor. It also include metrics such as PageRank, the number of outbound and inbound links, linkjuice extracted from the backlink giving site, IP address and a whole lot more. This tool is definitely a try for you. Besides, it only costs a few dollars for a pro account.

So far, these are the best alternatives I’ve found in the web as a replacement for the Yahoo Site Explorer. These might not be as good as Yahoo’s tool itself but still, these are proven alternatives. So if you are having a hard time figuring out how and where to find the backlinks of your site or that of your competitors and use it to your advantage, then you could get help from the alternatives given above.

Are these alternatives reliable?

They might be however, not as reliable as Yahoo Site Explorer itself. And since they are just alternatives, it simply means they don’t have a quality that Yahoo Site Explorer has sand that is precision and reliability.

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