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Essential Steps in Starting an Online Business

Essential Steps in Starting an Online Business

Creating a rough draft and planning for a strategy when starting a business online are truly essential steps that a business owner must take into account. Without the presence of a better strategy for an online business endeavor, the business itself would definitely fail even right before it could get started. Moreover, a solid and viable enough business strategy could surely help in skyrocketing the business to greater heights in just a short period of time. Anyway, what are those essential steps that I am talking about which could surely help your start-up online business scheme? Well, here they are:

1. Acquire an engaging website design

Web designs are an essential factor for any online business. In fact, it adds up to the overall credibility of the site itself. I have seen a lot of online businesses having designs that could really attract a wide range of potential customers, and it won’t be bad if you do the same as well. However, never try to copy the designs of others but try to stay unique as possible. You can have a unique and compelling design from any professional web designer around. It won’t cost you that much plus, you get a design for your business which is all yours!

2. Target your potential customers

Who will your customers be? Do they fit in to the products and/or services your business is offering? You have to take these two questions into account. When starting an online business, you must determine your target customers to further increase your conversion rate. That is, the rate of your business website visitors over the ones who actually purchased your products or subscribed to your services. What would be the point of having a stream of traffic if you are getting no sales at all?

3. Create your social media fan base

Social media is a great way of gathering a wide range of potential customers for your business. Among the most well-known ones are Facebook and Twitter. Given that these networks are home to hundreds of millions of internet users all around the globe, it would then be greatly advantageous to make use of social media for your business. You can do this by creating a brand for your business in these networks such as a business page in which you can promote your business directly on to the set of individuals who are following your brand. Accumulating a range of prospects or followers might be hard for the first time, but as soon as you have gathered a substantial amount, it will soon start to grow and grow and grow.

4. Choose your internet marketing method

Among the most common ones are SEO, social media marketing, and PPC campaigns. Upon choosing which one suites best for your business, you have to determine whether or not your budget can cope up with the expenses of your chosen internet marketing scheme. Mostly, you will need the expertise of a professional internet marketer on a particular field. Such services won’t actually cost you much, and as long as the expert you’ve chosen is reliable enough, then your business would definitely be in good hands.

Upon obtaining a website for your business, you have to consider opting for a reliable web hosting provider. There might be some free hosting sites available all around the web, but I won’t advise you to go for them. If you really are aiming for a real business, then get a hosting plan which is paid yet reliable. It could only cost not more than 10 USD a month and that is way too far from the income you could actually be generating. These steps are applicable when starting an online business. Most successful online businesses have started from such, and it is your turn to go after them.

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Internet Marketing Guide, Tips and Strategies

Internet Marketing Guide, Tips and Strategies

Right before the dawn of the internet has taken place, advertising has already been put to practice. Traditional methods have been used in forms of radio and television. However, these methods just make it quite time-consuming and expensive at the same time given that you will have to pay for all the airtime spent. With the advent of the internet, advertising has been taken on a whole new level. Since it is quite easy and affordable, a plethora of savvy advertisers have surfaced and made advantage out of it. And this advent gave rise to the world of internet marketing.

It has been a common myth that internet marketing is quite an easy task to do. However, things actually turned out to be on the flip side. Internet marketing is actually painstaking and thus needs the expertise of an internet marketing guru. Moreover, it would require you to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for such endeavor. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of your precious cash and if you really want to learn a bit of internet marketing tactics, then you’ve landed on the right place. This blog will definitely help any individual who wants to learn internet marketing tactics as well as for any internet newbie who wishes to know more about the internet.

Anyway, this blog includes some overviews as well as various internet marketing tips and strategies that could surely help anyone. It might include SEO or search engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing, blogging, and a whole lot more. Topics range from the basic scope up to several advance tips. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy!

Searching Backlinks on the Web through these Alternatives

Searching Backlinks on the Web through these Alternatives

Not long ago, Yahoo Site Explorer has decided to close their doors. As what we might have remembered, Yahoo Site Explorer has been the best tool which is used to check the overall backlinks of a particular website as well as to check all of the other sites linking to it. Now that the tool has been gone, most webmasters are faced with one main issue: where and how to find the backlinks of their site. Given that issue, there are indeed several sites and tools which could act as better alternatives in checking and counting the overall number of backlinks as well as the sites pointing or linking to it.

So what do we have in here?

Truth is, there might be alternatives for Yahoo Site Explorer but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still the best and most reliable tool for backlink checking. The issue with these alternatives is that even though they provide some information about backlinks and sites linking to your site, the information’s are still limited and only a fewer number is shown.

Okay, let’s proceed and get going with this topic. What are these alternatives anyway?

My very first suggested alternative is from BackLinkWatch.Com. This is a site used for checking a number of backlinks for free. However, the site itself offers only a few number of backlinks limiting to only about 1000 backlinks. All you have to do is simply enter your site’s URL in the search box provided then hit enter and wait for the whole list to load. In the results, you could see a list of sites linking to the site you searched for, the anchor text used, the OBL (outbound links) or externals links on that backlink giving page, and the attribute (either it be dofollow or nofollow).

Second on the list is LinkDiagnosis.Com which is powered by LinkScape which is owned by SEOMoz.Org. Just like BacklinkWatch, it is also able to extract a number of backlinks for a site plus it has some other metrics which includes mozRank, SEOmoz Page Authority, SEOmoz Domain Authority as well as the anchor text being used. One thing about this alternative is that you could only download this as a tool for the Mozilla FireFox browser. Unluckily, it doesn’t have a version for Chrome users yet.

OpenSiteExplorer.Org is third on our list. This is another site which is owned by SEOmoz.Org. It has the same concept with the other two except that it has far more metrics than both. Metrics could include the total number of inbound links as well as the domains which are linking to that site. Other metrics could include the number of Facebook shares, Tweets and Plus at Google+ which can only be accessed by Pro users. Either way, you could go Pro by paying $99/month. But if you won’t be willing to pay for that one, then you could go and be a member of SEOmoz itself.

Fourth, I would recommend Blekko.Com. Blekko itself is a search engine which also comes with a backlink checking functionality. To check backlinks from a certain website, you simply have to key in “ /inbound” and you will then be generated with a result of all the incoming links or backlinks from your website.

Last but definitely not the least – SEO SpyGlass

The backlink checking tool is included in the package for SEO Powersuite from Link-Assistant.Com. With a free and trial account, you could be able to check the backlinks of your site or even that of your competitors that would boost your ranking on SERPs. However, the free version could only hold up to less than 1000 backlinks and the project can’t be saved as well. It only means that you will have to run another checking once you have closed the previous one. Backlinks are not the only thing that it could monitor. It also include metrics such as PageRank, the number of outbound and inbound links, linkjuice extracted from the backlink giving site, IP address and a whole lot more. This tool is definitely a try for you. Besides, it only costs a few dollars for a pro account.

So far, these are the best alternatives I’ve found in the web as a replacement for the Yahoo Site Explorer. These might not be as good as Yahoo’s tool itself but still, these are proven alternatives. So if you are having a hard time figuring out how and where to find the backlinks of your site or that of your competitors and use it to your advantage, then you could get help from the alternatives given above.

Are these alternatives reliable?

They might be however, not as reliable as Yahoo Site Explorer itself. And since they are just alternatives, it simply means they don’t have a quality that Yahoo Site Explorer has sand that is precision and reliability.

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Which Internet Marketing Method Is Best for Your Business?

To start marketing your business online, you will have to initially select which form of internet marketing method should you apply for your business and figure out which one would best fit for it. Generally, there are a selection of the best internet marketing methods by which you could choose from to be able to promote your business online. In this very article, we will tackle about the different forms of internet marketing methods and which one should you choose and why. Here is the list for those:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is short for search engine optimization – This is the term used by many internet marketers as a means of promoting any website to the top pages of major search engines as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This method is being carried out through various means such as linkbuilding or backlinking, article submission, onpage SEO, web directories submission, RSS submissions and a whole lot more. Either way, SEO has been regarded as the most popular and widely used form of internet marketing among any other. It is for the main reason that millions of internet users all around the globe have been using search engines when looking for information, tips, jobs, and even shops. Particularly, the search engine Google continues to be the main search engine which is currently used by billions of users globally.

2. Social Media Marketing

Next to the list is the so-called SMM or social media marketing. It is the method of using social media sites as Facebook and Twitter for promoting a business online. Due to the reason that social media networks are home to millions of internet users each day, internet marketers have taken advantage of promoting a business through these networks. Usually, it is achieved by building a fan base which serves as the page for the business on a particular social network. As of now, Facebook and Twitter are among the social media giants which have already taken full advantage of a wide range of online businesses.

3. Pay per Click Advertising

This procedure could enable your online business to receive a substantial amount of leads and traffics in a short period of time. However, you will have to spend a substantial amount of cash to keep your campaign running but the good thing about this is that you will be able to target a specific group of people applicable for your business. Google Adwords is the most common and leading when it comes to pay per click advertising. Usually, such form of method applies for those huge-scale companies who are aiming to reach a very wide range of customers.

4. Video Marketing

From the name itself, you would be able to know what video marketing is all about. It is simply a form of internet marketing by which you get to promote your business through the help of videos and by posting it to several video hosting sites as YouTube. Video marketing has been proven to be very effective for internet marketing and continues to do so.

5. Blogging

This is similar to what I’m doing right now. Blogging is simply the means of creating a blog and talking about the various topics which are related to your company or business. Through blogging, you could be able to showcase what are the expertise or the type of products you are promoting to your customers.

These five methods stated above are simply the most common and the most effective forms of internet marketing. Although there are in fact a lot of internet marketing methods, the list is narrowed down to only the most successful ones. I hope you have a good read at this.

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Why Utilize Internet Marketing? What Are Its Importance?

As far as the field of business is concerned, internet marketing and promotion has turned to be one of the most effective and lucrative means of promotion and marketing among the rest. Since the advent of the internet has taken place, business owners from all around the world seized this opportunity in promoting their business as a means of generating massive quality leads and income at the same time. Moreover, internet marketing has become a trend so great that almost 70% of all the largest small business globally, is into the online world. Now, why is internet marketing advisable? What is the importance incorporated in this kind of business marketing?

It has been estimated that the number of internet users have skyrocketed from 250 million people in the year 2000 to almost 2 billion people in the year 2011 globally. If we are to take this into account, we can see to it that the internet is indeed a very great place for marketing your products and/or services. What would be the reason why internet marketing is great for any business whether big or small?

1. Wide Range of Users Globally

The huge number of global internet users is the main reason why internet marketing is truly essential. When your online business is mixed up with the right procedure and technique of internet marketing, it would definitely be possible to reach a wide range of constant and steady flow of leads and clients to your business webpage. Moreover, chances are high that these leads could even go back to your online business webpage more often just as long as the right services and products were being catered.

2. More Simple and Affordable

Unlike the traditional method for marketing which could include radio and/or television marketing, internet marketing is indeed simpler and more affordable. With the former, you will have to pay for the total airtime spent for advertising your business which could account for hundreds or even thousands of your precious cash. With internet marketing, you will only have to pay for the services of a credible internet marketing specialist and the catch is; it won’t cost you much.

3. Income and Revenue Comes in Fast

You might not believe me, but it’s true! Taking your business online and applying the right method of internet marketing could open doors for a huge amount of income and revenue in only a short span of time. Why is this so? It’s simply because you could be able to target a specific range of audience which could be in search for your services and products. Moreover, millions of internet users are indeed shopping and are looking for some products or services with the help of the internet.

With these three main reasons on why internet marketing is important, perhaps you might be given an idea just why you have to consider taking your business to the online world. If for the first time you are not getting the results you are looking for, just wait for some time. Internet marketing isn’t meant to be rushed. In fact, it takes quite some time for quality results to take place. Just be patient and surely, you will reap your harvest.

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