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Job Hiring in Butuan City: Get the Writing Jobs you are Looking

So you think you’re the one for this writing job? Send us now your resume to [email protected]and attach a sample write-up that gives us a hint of who you are. If you are interested to join us, we are very much willing to accommodate you in our team. As of this date, [date]

We are Urgently Hiring Writers!

  • Residing in Butuan or Buenavista or Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
  • A writer by heart and could wrap up a piece with none to minor grammatical flaws
  • Computer and internet savvy – knowledge on the usage of Google and Facebook will do
If you think you qualified, then get on your toes now and take a short jaunt to Butuan’s flanking town, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte.

We are also hiring!

We are also looking for individuals who have the knacks or can be trained to do the needed web coding and web development.
We have rooms for:
  • SEO Technologists
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Wevelopment Assistants
  • Graphic Designers
  • Data Entry Specialists


Located in the Northeastern part of the Mindanao Island, Butuan City is pretty making a name and mark in the Philippines in so many terms. But let us be more specific here. With the vast count of potentials and talents in the city, Butuan City will, no doubt, reach greater heights. And all it takes are more opportunities and jobs in Butuan City in order to accommodate them all and utilize the capacities of these individuals. Now on that note, let us tackle bits and pieces about finding a job. Landing on a job today that would not only make a way to provide for the family’s bread and butter but would also enhance a person’s potential is probably one of the hardest feats that a person would ever face. And inasmuch as the rest of the world accepts this fact, Butuan City also shares the same dilemma. Butuan City jobs have long been on an unstable rate and count for quite a long time already. But with the newest trends in the business industry, potentials and talents in this said city are given a new vestige of hope. In line with this, let us tell you of a career opportunity that requires less but gives more. Is this possible, you ask? Well, it is and it is right here in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, the adjacent town of Butuan City. Using only your innate wits and will, chances are great for you to prosper you and your family’s living, and as well as your career too. Now, talk about hitting two birds with a single stone! Quite intriguing, isn’t it? Well, here is a checklist to see if you are qualified of the job that we are talking of here: Are you living in Buenavista or Butuan City? Willing to work for eight hours a day? Endowed with the potential to write articles with excellent English grammar? Knows how to work with the Internet? Well, if you placed a mental check on all questions, then this is may be the break you have been waiting. And most probably, you might be the one we have long been waiting for in the team too. With a starting pay of eight thousand pesos, this is no doubt a good deal for a career. Plus, you do not only get to earn monetary compensations here, you also get the chance to enhance your writing skills to the optimum level. And then who knows? You might be the next to snag the Pulitzer Prize someday because of your excellent writing skills. So if you are interested with the job, then we are interested in you too. Just e-mail us your resume and an example of your own article that tells bits and stuffs about yourself at [email protected]